A Lover of Art…

hec mangula FACEBOOK.png

…trying to get to the point…of the artist’s perspective

Featured Items:

  • Body:MangulaAmada Set Body [M1 Rose], Maitreya, Slink (HG), Belleza (Freya), Tonic (Curvy) sizes♥
  • BootsMangula: Amada Extra Long Boots [FATPACK] ♥

E.Vary&Mangula MP Store Flickr Facebook

  • Skirt:HEC– “Irene” Multiple Style Tintable Bottoms FPCB-00 (UA), MaitreyaBelleza(all), Slink (both) and JOMO (Werewolf, Fox) sizes, Mix & Match 4 hide-able parts (corset, outer skirt, inner skirt, whole skirt) resulting in up to 7 unique styles♥


Other Items Used:

  • Hairstyle: MINA Maria – MINA VIP excl. group gift

MINA Maria - VIP RS.png

Location: Lundy Art Gallery



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Amanda Sole

What to say???? Love all the good and beautiful things in life like nice people, diversity, learning new things, fashion, lifestyle, creating beauty in photography! Ah! And chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!

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