Just A Spoonful Please…

Just A Spoonful....png

…a Spoonful Of Sugar, which can make many doctors’ work more meaningful and many smiles wider on the faces of those who need it the most! And what wonderful creations you can find in the S.O.S Festival!!! Like the ones I’m showing you today, the beautiful boho dress by HEC and the elegant jewellery set by FORTUNA, and remember! A large part of their worth in lindens goes towards Doctors Without Borders (Medecines Sans Frontieres). The beautiful pose by ANA Boutique helped me set this scene♥

  • Dress: HECSILVIE Semi-Boho Mini-Dress FATPACK KLDFL-00 (UA)@ S.O.S Festival (Sept 15th- Sept 30th), Maitreya, Belleza (all), Slink (both), eBODY Curvy sizes, hud driven with 4 fabric presets and control of metal, brightness, glow and opacity for the dress, and the belt♥

HEC MP Store Flckr  Facebook

  • Jewellery SetFortuna – jewelry set IsabellaS.O.S Festival (Sept 15th- Sept 30th),  includes earrings and necklace driven by a hud with 3 metals and 5 pearls, set in a most elegant setting♥

Fortuna MP Store /Flickr 

ANA Boutique/ MP StoreFacebook/Flickr/


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Amanda Sole

What to say???? Love all the good and beautiful things in life like nice people, diversity, learning new things, fashion, lifestyle, creating beauty in photography! Ah! And chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!

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