Siente Mi Amor…(Feel My Love)

Siente Mi Amor....png

…en los dias de dolor..(in times of pain)…siente mi amor…how wonderful to love and be loved like this!!! Thanks to my wonderful man James, my lovely KAOS tattoo and this great pose by !T.Z! Poses, I’ve been able to express this wonderful emotion♥

  • TattooKAOS tattoo BABY COLLOR TATTOO, Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, Omega and standard appliers so everyone can enjoy its beauty!!!♥loveeee it!!!!

KAOS Store/ Flckr/Flckr Group/Facebook

 !T.Z! Poses Store Flickr Facebook


Other Items I used:

  • HairstyleExile Gift! Tommy & Gina
  • Bra & Panties* Vanilla Bae * Lauren Top & Panty – (Saturday Sale 08/25) Has a Strip Me Menu!!!!
  • Backdrop: (La Otra Puerta) LOP Backdrop Room pallet



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Amanda Sole

What to say???? Love all the good and beautiful things in life like nice people, diversity, learning new things, fashion, lifestyle, creating beauty in photography! Ah! And chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!

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