Beginnings and Endings….

Beginnings and Endings at.png

…every end is a new beginning, an opportunity to change course, try new things…

Second Life is the right place for change! So many wonderful options!!! Look what I got at last week’s sales events..  From Fifty Linden Fridays the lovely hairstyle Wasabi // Strawberry Mesh Hair – FLF Exclusive pack, while from Reign at a separate offer the beautiful REIGN.- Lacie Knotted Plats- PATTERNS for 50L only!! The sexy and classy dress [Aleutia] Olivia (Maitreya) Almost Mauve for The Saturday Sale 05/12 and the awesome jewellery set Beloved Jewelry : Xanthium Set  at DAZZLE 

Then there is the amazing location Malal’s Spring! Heavenly Bay 

and the pose Le Poppycock *Comfort Zone* B

How not to appreciate all this creativity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ☻♥♥♥☻


Published by

Amanda Sole

What to say???? Love all the good and beautiful things in life like nice people, diversity, learning new things, fashion, lifestyle, creating beauty in photography! Ah! And chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!

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