Say A Little Prayer…

Say a Little Prayer....png

…Just like Aretha did (In Loving Memory♥)…only this time the prayer will be for you…cause you’ll need all your courage to resist me!!! Well.. not me… but the awesome stuff I’m showing you today!!!

  • Backdrop: (La Otra Puerta) LOP Backdrop Fetish Room exclusive price@Haus Der Lust (THE POINT) event, MP price 120L/Event Price 99L♥ amazing!!!

LOP MP Store Flickr Facebook

[WellMade] MP StoreFlckr & Photo Pool/Facebook ♥♥♥

MooLoo MP Store, Flckr 


Other Items In the picture:

  • HairstyleVISON – Mesh Hair Megan Fatpack (came across it In the MP Store  for 2L!!!!)♥unbelievable!!!
  • HeelsN-core NORA “Beige” (bought on Saturday Sale 08/11, also include leg warmers that I’m not wearing in the picture)♥classy!!!
  • Body ShapeJibe ShapesMeghan for Catwa Catya exclusive@ULTRA (Beginning Aug 15)♥B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!!!!!!
  • Mesh BodyMaitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
  • Mesh HeadCATWA HEAD Catya NEW

From POWDER PACK CATWA Aug2018 love them all!!!

  • Skin & Body ApplierEssences – Powder Pack Aug. 2018 (Catwa)
  • Lashes: #Besom~Crystal Lash *CATWA*
  • EyeshadowL’Etre – Heat eyeshadows [FATPACK]
  • LipstickLUXREBEL – Cool Girl Lipstick Pack (Catwa)

PoseFOXCITY. Dominance (Bento with prop)




What’s New Pussycat…?

What's New Pussycat....png

…what are you looking at? My new awesome stuff? Just be a little patient and I’ll tell you all about it!!! Even though you look a bit otherworldly!!!

Koople MP Store  /Facebook/  Flckr

  • JewelleryFortuna – jewelry set Isis @ The Sense event (Aug 18th-Sept 9th), part of the Isis set, includes a pendant and stud earrings driven by the same awesome hud with 8 gems and 3 metals that totally customize the set to your liking♥ just love it!!!

FORTUNA MP Store /Flickr 


Other Items in the Picture:

  • TattooRoses Harvest – Color Tattoo [CAROL G]@ Cosmopolitan(Aug 13th Aug 25th)♥ beautiful!!!!
  • Heels-KC- DEBRA HEELS♥
  • Hairstyle: lock&tuft bolero fatpack (FLF 08/17♥) (*in the pic I used TRUTH bangs- not part of the hairstyle as seen in the closeups)
  • Skin Applier & Body Shape (lip colour included in hud): [Pink Fuel] Powder Pack SL CATWA (August 2018)♥
  • Brows: #ADORED powder pack catwa – august 2k18♥
  • Eye Applier: [ MUDSKIN ]_K-DOL COLOR LENS SET powder pack catwa – august 2018♥
  • Rings*elise* – Caterina – BENTO Rings (Saturday Sale 08/18)♥
  • Nail Colouralme. B&Ws – Matte (Saturday Sale 08/18)♥
  • Mesh BodyMaitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1♥
  • Mesh HeadCATWA HEAD Catya NEW♥

For the Scene:

  • BackdropExposeur – Stone Arch
  • KittyJIAN Halloween ’17 Group Gift :: Disgruntled Lounging Cat
  • Pose in Main Picture+Dreamcatcher+ Cigarette with mouthpiece (HUD and poses)(Saturday Sale 08/18)
  • Poses in Closeups: Shiva Swords [Shi.S.] Hand Poses/Shoe Poses


Spray Me Some…

Spray Me Some...

AGAIN!!! (first blog disappeared!!!Grrrr!!!), So I definitely need some positive spray now!!!  And I am so happy with my new stuff that I can’t get down to doing my laundry!!! You see..New KAOS Tattoo, Fifty Linden Friday, Powder Pack and Shopping at Blueberry’s is more a girl can take not to be excited!!!! Woot!!!!!


All sides.png

Other Items in the Picture:

  • Hairstyle: Fashionably Dead (fd) Amy – FATPACK (FLF 08/11)♥
  • Bikini TopBlueberry Jenna – Bikini Set – Red (comes with a fringe top too!!!♥)
  • Shorts: Blueberry Helena – Front Tied Shorts – FadedLight (comes with a zipped version too!!!♥)


  • Skin Applieramara beauty – Powder Pack August 2018♥
  • Eye Applier/Eyeliner/Lipstick: A R T E – Powder Pack CATWA August 2018♥

In Addition:

For the Scene:



Just Let me Be your Tropic Girl…

Just Let me Be your Tropic Girl....png

…like a Tropical Girlmy touch is like a summer breeze…light, slight, refreshing, I’ll make you fall in love with me…cause I’m Eve, the ultimate temptation in a new package that defines my look today!

Oh! I know..we’re all mostly using only a couple of mesh bodies…but what a shame to miss out on switching looks! This new Eve body by Absolut Creation is all bento and so is the head by the same brand, a lot more options, a beautifully shaped body with unique style…unbeatable price…both Omega friendly, compatible with my Vista Bento Zoe AO (and any other), compatible with Slink footwear and Fitmesh sizes S/XS. Some of the latest Abslolut releases are also Maitreya compatible… In this picture I’m wearing the super cute Lurve latest release and my Steampunk Lyndy In Chains sunglasses and I look great!!!!

From *!* EVE

  • Mesh Body & Shape*!* EVE V9.1 Slim (tweaked the shape to my liking), great hud, tons of alpha cuts, skins, bento hand positions (adaptive medium and high feet for Slink compatibility sold separately)♥ love the slim, slender look!!!
  • Mesh  Head:  *!* EVE ‘olution-head-#4b-Beta + Bento separate huds for animations (more to come) and head features control (lots of cosmetic options and eye/mouth controls♥ lovely elegant bone structure!!!

ABSOLUT MP Store Flckr Facebook Blog

From Lurve

  • *Lurve* Cottage Fitmesh Romper – Champagne, in sizes for Maitreya, Belleza (all), Slink (both), Tonic (both) and classic fitmesh, blue/blush/champagne/sage/violet colours and includes bracelets♥ cutest and sexiest romper ever!!!

*Lurve* MP Store Flckr Flckr Group Blog

From L.I.C.

  • Steampunk Sunglasses Scorpio (my sign☺) package with all star signs, hud driven to control colour/tint/brightness and Open/Close cover with tons of presets♥ sunglasses with lots of character!!!

L.I.C. MP Store Flckr

All sides.png

Other Items in the Picture:

Location: La Vie


Sous Le Ciel De Paris…

Sous Le Ciel De Paris.png

…just like Yves Montand once sang…romantic but sexy, classic but also modern and most of all…Dazzling!!!! That’s my look today thanks to the amazing designers whose items I’m showing you today!!!

CREMOSAS MP Store FlckrFacebook

  • Jewellery:Fortuna – jewelry set Isis Hoops exclusive@the SENSE event (Aug 18th-Sept 9th), original creation with a hud 8 gems/3 metals, as always totally adjustable to the look love how it looks!!!

FORTUNA MP Store /Flickr 

All sides.png

Other items in the picture:

  • Hairstyle: no.match_ ~ NO_CLOUD ~ Pack of REDS
  • Heels: [BREATHE]Dani Heels-Brown
  • BagEQUAL – Fringe Handbag (Tres Chic Anniversary Gift)
  • Skin Applier (makeup on the skin): .::WoW Skins::. Valentina GROUP GIFT FEB 2018 (omega)
  • Mesh BodyMaitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
  • Mesh Head[AK] Kumiko Bento Head NEW GEN Vers. 2.6
  • Pose in main picturean lar [poses] The Lola Series (bought on Saturday Sale 08/11)
  • Pose in Closeups: [Shi.S.] Shoe Poses

Location: Southfield, Little Paris-Orsay


Against the Flow…

Against the flow.png

… I’ve done it once again…and how I loved it!!! New event’s hitting the grid the –Haus Der Lust– (15th-30th every month) by The Best Point and provoking us to the limit! Challenge accepted!!!!

From –Haus Der Lust-:

In Addition:

  • (Lyndy in Chains) L.I.C. Temptress Fitted Panty Maitreya, Slink (both), Tonic (both) and TMP sizes, hud driven to control brightness, colour, tinting of straps, metal and gems and a ton of presets♥ loveee it!!! MP Store Flckr 

All sides.png

Other Items in the Picture:


I Have a Dream…

I Have a Dream....png

…like every princess…that my castle will brighten up with laughter…with voices..with music…and a smile..with L.O.V.E

  • Outfit: “ZephyrEmpress set Gacha exclusive at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival (Aug 7th-Sept 6th), all items in 4 colours (white, black, red, pink), includes tiara, sleeves, corset, bodysuit (RARE), skirt and stockings, Maitreya size loveee

MP Store/ Flckr

All sides.png

Other items in the picture:

  • Hairstyle: elikatira [e] Juniper – (Fifty Linden Friday 08/10)
  • Mesh BodyMaitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
  • Mesh Head[AK Deluxe] – Maia Bento Head
  • Skin & Lipstick ApplierEgozy.Coco (Fair)AK
  • Body ShapeLILO’s FIT – Shape Akeruka MAIA [Maitreya] Misty
  • Pose in Main PictureGingerFish Poses – Doll Face
  • Pose in CloseupsExposeur – February 2016 Gift – Part One

Location: Memento Mori Chou Chou